Fixture Spotlight: Columbia – Kuzco

Utilizing a ubiquitous cylindrical shape the Signal exterior fixture features an innovative shift in materiality. A die-cast opal tube radiates ambient light from the fixture body while symmetrical translucent diffusers distribute illumination up and down. Slightly offset from the mounting surface an illusory effect is created of a floating column of luminance.

Kuzco Lighting Joins SLS

Consistent with our mission to constantly evolve and strategically align with premier manufacturers, SLS is pleased to announce our partnership with Kuzco Lighting! 
Kuzco Lighting specializes in decorative lighting made with fine material finishes, carefully crafted design details, ranging from minimalist forms to traditional aesthetics. Based in Vancouver, Kuzco Lighting is comprised of (3) brands: Kuzco, Kuzco Contract, and Alora Lighting. Sleek yet distinguished, the extensive curated collections reflect an impeccable degree of design and refinement.