• Jun 29Lumencove Nano 2.0 – Now with New Optics

    The Lumencove Nano 2.0 has expanded to include two new optical versions while maintaining its optimized size, efficiency, and durability, thanks to the elimination of the power supply. Its resulting slim profile helps keep the source unseen without compromising its distinct quality of light. 

  • May 05Fixture Spotlight: Lumenpulse – Lumenblade

    Lumenblade’s linear design doesn’t cut any corners. Here is a luminaire that is seen but not seen, a minimalist design with a reduced visual presence that doesn’t compromise quality of light.

    The sustainable design, which includes easily changeable modules, cuts down on environmental impact and consumption costs without sacrificing safety or quality of light. The fully integrated motion detector gives you the right amount of light where you need, when you need it, lowering the impact on plant and wildlife.

  • Apr 02Spotlight: Lumenpulse – Lumenfacade

    Project: Pier 17
    Manufacturer: Lumenpulse
    Lighting Designer: L’Observatoire International
    Architect: SHoP Architects
    Location: NYC
    Fixture: Lumenfacade

  • Mar 31Fixture Spotlight: Lumenpulse – Lumenbeam

    It’s time to get a little excited! Lumenpulse’s entire Lumenbeam family has now been updated. 

    The Lumenbeam Small and Medium fixtures are now available with twice the white light lumens/candelas, an average performance increase of 15% on color-changing configurations, and new distributions. 

  • Feb 11Fixture Spotlight: Lumenpulse – Lumencore Downlights

    Lumenpulse, a leading pure-play specification-grade LED lighting solutions provider, has launched Lumencore, an exceptional family of high-performance architectural downlights, which sets new standards in modularity, quality of light, performance, and lifetime.

  • Jun 10Lumenpulse Joins SLS

    Lumenpulse is pleased to announce that, effective today, Lumenpulse is joining forces with SLS (Specification Lighting Sales). This is an exclusive partnership for the representation of our high – performance architectural lighting products in the New York City Metro Area, effective June 10, 2019.