• May 29Spotlight: Focal Point – Blume & Zyl
  • May 06Focal Point – PoE

    With the vast selection of PoE compatible luminaires, Focal Point gives the ability to select the ideal luminaire for countless applications. PoE compatible linear luminaires, downlights, cylinders, pendants, and architectural troffers provide the light quality, design aesthetic, and performance required while maximizing energy efficiency and supporting the deployment of a PoE network system.

  • Mar 26Fixture Spotlight: Focal Point – Acoustic Solutions

    Focal Point Acoustic Solutions provide an optimal answer to the high noise levels and reverberation issues common to open, multi-purpose spaces.
    The integrated systems simplify specification, sourcing and installation, and procure a unified look that enhances the architecture of each interior space. Not only are sound levels controlled, optimal illumination levels are achieved, increasing the comfort and well-being of those who inhabit the spaces.