• Jun 30Amerlux Invests Nearly $2 Million in Production Equipment Efficiency Initiatives

    Amerlux recently invested close to $2 million in new production equipment and efficiency initiatives that executives say will help the lighting manufacturer better serve customers by increasing production speed, driving down costs and lead times, and making the company’s fabrication area twice as efficient.

  • Jun 05Fixture Spotlight: Amerlux – Rook Wall Mount

    This week, Amerlux launched a series of innovative wall-mount luminaires that feature plenty of options to complete any interior space for architects and lighting designers.

    The Rook 350 Wall Mount solutions, which come in different shapes (i.e. round and square), allow the fixture to be mounted as a direct or indirect luminaire using a kit provided with the fixture.

    The Direct/Indirect fixtures can be ordered with different beam spreads—narrow on bottom, flood on top or vice versa—and different wattages with open and lensed units. 

  • May 27Spotlight: Amerlux

    Amerlux lights the way into building automation with Delta Electronics at the helm with a commitment to developing energy-efficient solutions to reduce the world’s carbon footprint.

    “Amerlux will serve as the vehicle for the future of building automation, given lighting’s indispensable role,” Campagna said. “Since lighting already has power and is embedded in ceilings, an IoT-enabled lighting system could in the future provide more services, such as asset tracking or a real-time locating system.”

    With lighting leading a fully functional and integrated building automation system in the future, architects and designers will be more receptive to such technology, allowing them to “clean up the ceiling” especially as various systems and devices in recent years have begun taking up more space, according to Bill Plageman, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Amerlux.

  • May 15Fixture Spotlight: Amerlux – Quickline 1.5 Pendant

    Quick-Line Pendant 1.5″ (QLP1.5) delivers your design scenario seamlessly and on time, shipping within 3 days, everytime. Streamlined and flexible, this pendant is a performance grade luminaire designed not only to perform effectively and efficiently in lighting your space, but is also designed to install with the same effectiveness and efficiency. These architectural pendants provide the freedom to create truly dynamic spaces in a fraction of the time. 

  • Mar 27Fixture Spotlight: Amerlux – Gruv

    Project: Private Hedge Fund Office
    Location: NYC
    Lighting Designer: Quentin Thomas Associates
    Architect: Valero Dewalt Train Associates
    Fixture: Gruv